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Visualizzazione dei post da Maggio, 2015

Visual Studio Code on Debian 32Bit.

Due to Microsoft License,
It is not possible follow this procedure to work around the 64bit technical limitations.
So this post will be removed soon.
Install Microsoft Visual Studio Code on Debian 8 x86.
(This should work on ubuntu x86 too)
Install node, see here.

sudo npm install electron-prebuilt -g unzip -d /tmp/vscode sudo cp -R /tmp/vscode/resources/app/ /opt/vscode create a desktop entry in /usr/share/applications/vscode.desktop like:
[Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8 Name=Visual Studio Code GenericName=Editor Comment=Multi-platform Web editor by Microsoft. Exec=/usr/local/bin/electron /opt/vscode %F Icon=/opt/vscode/vso48.png Terminal=false Type=Application MimeType=text/plain; Categories=Application;Development;Editor;Utility;TextEditor;(or grab here)
grab icon here:
and put in /opt/vscode
Done :-)

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