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chrome on ipad

This is an experiment, it is my first bilingual post.
All web application developers waiting in glory for the release of google chrome ipad. This application could move a little numbness caused by web applications on safari ios. In the dekstop version of Chrome, we can use many features to create real applications. We have a very powerful JavaScript engine, the V8 engine with a jit compiler and many features of html5 like api to access the file system.
ipad's chrome seems castrated ...
ok the market place is missing, Apple hates competition.
But Apple does not even allow the use of JavaScript engines other than "UIWebView's Javascript callback interface" that is not a very powerful engine.
Safari uses a js engine called "nitro", it is more powerful and fast than the "UIWebView js engine".
PhoneGap also use UIWebView js and it is a second hand engine.
But inside chrome is much more serious, we expected a way for write high performance applications …